Chris Hale was born and raised in L.A. California, and has lived extensively in New York City and Tokyo, where he is currently based, and where he is an active Dj and producer. Chris started producing 15 years ago, and was one of the first top artists back in the heydays of, garnering hundreds, even thousands of plays and downloads a day. His tracks regularly topped the house, tribal house, progressive house, and Detroit charts for weeks and months at a time. His music gets regular play by Dj's around the world in clubs and on underground radio. He is also a veteran re-mixer, most recently mixing tracks for Bitstream Dream (Om, Bedrock) and Bealevel (TKC). Chris Dj's at clubs throughout Tokyo, and is the resident Dj at the monthly "Worship" parties at club Vibulous. He is also host of the underground radio show "Tokyo Metro" which was first broadcast on, and now podcasts from iTunes.

Chris' "sound" is actually difficult to describe, but some have called it "dark soul" music- that is, dark atmospheres fused with soulful rhythm. From deep, progressive and tribal house, to stripped down techno and atmospheric electronica, Chris simply makes the types of music he likes to dance to in dark, smoke and sweat-filled subterranean clubs. While living in New York and Tokyo, and delving deep into the scenes there, his sound has definitely expanded and grown, both as a producer and DJ. New York and Tokyo still have amazingly vibrant underground scenes that easily rival any in the world. People go to clubs to lose themselves in the sound and to connect with people in ways that are socially forbidden in the light of day. It is in the sanctuary of darkness and deafening sound where people are free.